[nas-2000] Re: How to install packages

  • From: Markus Woessner <flitzebogen@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 02:13:29 +0200

Sorry, didn't see that as I was still very excited by the bootloader-rewrite ;-)

Remco schrieb:
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Subject: [nas-2000] How to install packages

Hi all,

I finally managed to install tinky-mu on my NAS. Now I'm a proud owner of a tinky-mu-NAS. But what now? How can I install any packages?

chapter 3 in the readme!

  you should run:
   # ipkg-cl update

  now check the available pkgs:
   # ipkg-cl list

  and install some pkgs with:
   # ipkg-cl install rsync

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