[nas-2000] HDD spin-down function does not work after mains power failure

  • From: Codebotcher <codebotcher@xxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 19:11:53 +0200

Hello List,

since a couple of days I have an issue with the spin-down function of my HDD installed in a NAS-2000. When I set up the NAS-2000 several month ago, I activated the HDD spin-down function via the web front-end with a delay time of 15 minutes and everything worked perfectly fine.

Last weekend I encountered a mains power failure at my place which also affected the NAS-2000 which shut down uncontrolled. The device came up without any obvious errors afterwards except for the fact that the spin-down function doesn't work any more --> The HDD is constantly on.

In the meanwhile I tried several things, but all to no avail:

- I operated the NAS-2000 with the network cable disconnected to make sure no nasty computer keeps the drive busy by accessing data.

- I manually set the spin-down time of the HDD with 'hdparm' by logging in via SSH and executing 'hdparm -k1 -K1 -S120 /dev/hda'. The command was executed properly and I got the reply below, but the problem remained.

 setting keep_settings to 1 (on)
 setting drive keep features to 1 (on)
 setting standby to 120 (10 minutes)
 keepsettings =  1 (on)

- I changed the delay time via the web front-end in case it is only activated after a change of the value.

Any idea on how I can re-activate the spin-down function is welcome!

Thanks in advance,


This is my hardware setup:
NAS-2000, Hardware Rev. B w/ Tinky 2.3.2-mu-02.2
HDD: SAMSUNG SP2514N, Firmware: VF100-50

and these are the running processes:
    1 root     init
    2 root     [ksoftirqd/0]
    3 root     [desched/0]
    4 root     [events/0]
    5 root     [khelper]
   10 root     [kthread]
   20 root     [kblockd/0]
   33 root     [khubd]
   72 root     [pdflush]
   73 root     [pdflush]
   75 root     [aio/0]
   74 root     [kswapd0]
  730 root     init
  731 root     /bin/sh /etc/rc
  759 root     [tar]
  840 root     [kjournald]
  864 root     [eth0]
  868 root     /usr/sausalito/sbin/cced
  883 root     [syslogd]
  887 root     /usr/sbin/inetd
  937 root     [S90crond.sh]
  947 root     [crond]
  965 root     /sbin/syslogd
 1048 nobody   [proftpd]
 1062 nobody   proftpd: (accepting connections)
 1103 root     [smbd]
 1105 root     [smbd]
 1106 root     [nmbd]
 1128 root     /usr/hddapp/sbin/smbd -D
 1130 root     /usr/hddapp/sbin/smbd -D
 1131 root     /usr/hddapp/sbin/nmbd -D
 1137 root     [S90crond.sh]
 1142 root     [subConflict]
 1152 root     [subConflict]
 1161 root     /usr/sbin/crond
 1175 root     /usr/sausalito/sbin/storudp
 1177 root     /usr/sausalito/handlers/base/power/powermgmt
 1188 root     /sbin/syslogd
 1194 root     /usr/sbin/crond
 1200 root     /usr/sbin/thttpd -C /etc/thttpd.conf
 1202 root     /sbin/upnpdevice
 1205 root     sh /system/overlay/bin/tinky
 1267 root     [thttpd]
 1270 root     [thttpd]
 1274 root     [thttpd]
 1278 root     [thttpd]
 1279 root     [thttpd]
 1281 root     [thttpd]
 1285 root     [thttpd]
 1290 root     [thttpd]
 1288 root     [thttpd]
 1293 root     [thttpd]
 1301 root     [thttpd]
 1307 root     [thttpd]
 1309 root     dropbear -i
 1310 root     -ash
 1313 root     ps -ef

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