[myfeeds] MyFeeds 2.0 Beta now available

  • From: MyFeeds Support <myfeeds@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <myfeeds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 17:10:18 +0000

The MyFeeds 2.0 Beta is now available. Follow this link on your phone to 
install it: zune://navigate/?appid=8b3b1ec1-124e-407e-a98a-1517c7f41605 You can 
use a few different methods to give feedback: http://myfeeds.uservoice.com - 
Make suggestions and vote on them.
mailto:myfeeds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx - Have a conversation with other MyFeeds users.
mailto:myfeeds@xxxxxxxxxxx - Respond privately to me. Info on what's new is 
available at http://markpit.com/weblog/myfeeds-2.0-beta-info If you want to 
join the beta, remember to send an email to myfeeds@xxxxxxxxxxx with the 
subject BETA and your Live ID associated with your phone. 

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