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_by Razor, Henry McCoy, & Logan

His siblings always said he thought too much but, as of late, Razor had come to realize it himself. He was never prone to daydreaming but that was what he was doing, very hard at thought as he stared out the mansion's living room window, carefully trimmed nails tapping the sill. He knew it was possible but was it possible for him? And then what?

Walking past the open door Hank caught Razor's scent. Walking in quietly he watched the boy for several seconds before approaching. He'd been trying to give the boy his space and get to know him all at the same time. "Penny for your thoughts."

"They stopped producing those quite a few years ago," Razor said in a rather distracted fashion. "Curious expression but I doubt anybody wants mine in any case."

"Wouldn't have asked if I didn't," Hank replied as he went over to the bookshelf. He ran his claw carefully along the spines of several books before smiling. Pulling three of them off the shelf he reached behind them to retrieve the hidden box of Twinkees.

Razor hmmphed softly as he caught sight of what the man was pulling out of the bookshelf. "Clever," he said idly. "I should have thought to do that at the facility. The little ones could have kept their things."

"My wife thinks I eat to many of these," Hank laughed as he set the box down and opened it. Picking up one of the yellow sponges, he offered it to the boy.

The boy pushed down the surge of irritation that rose. He hated being told what to do and his wife was his sister or sister-in-law or...ugh, it gave him a headache thinking about. Then he almost smiled. "The old man in the park sent me off for these," he said with that almost smile.

Hank's smile was bright and full as he settled into a huge leather arm chair. "These, my boy, are the closest things we humans have to ambrosia." He unwrapped one of the cakes and popped it into his mouth, sighing happily.

Razor picked one up with a delicate touch and took a careful bite. You had to be careful eating unfamiliar things at the facility. There was never an assurance that it wouldn't be drugged. He actually smiled then but his eyes kept that same far away look.

"So what's on your mind?" Hank asked carefully yet casually as he prepared to eat a second cake. "You look a million miles away."

"Do you know Teddy Altman?" Razor asked.

Hank smiled big and bright again. "In fact I do. Teddy is the life partner of my step-son Billy."

Fool, Razor cursed himself. Of course he'd know him. He knew this sort of distraction was deadly for weapons but then he was a weapon no more. "Jennifer introduced me to him and Billy when she took me to the city," he explained. Finally, curious blue eyes looked away from the window and at Hank. "It does not strike you odd that they are the same gender?"

"Not at all," Hank replied as he looked up at the boy. "Same sex couples are actually quite common: Emma and Lexie, Betsy and Laura, Teddy and Billy. Love sees only love, it doesn't care about gender, color, or even species."

Razor nodded slowly. He'd read about it, seen examples set before him unintentionally, yet the whole thing was quite confusing. He did not like confusion one bit. He did, however, keep thinking about a certain pair of lively brown eyes. "There are," he ventured, "those it would offend or upset, though."

"Yes," Hank admitted, his smile dimming. "Even now there are people who would take offense. But you can't let other's pettiness stop you from living your life. There are people out there who would take offense because we are mutants. There are others who take offense because of your religion. There are people who take offense over other things, petty things. Take Wanda, for example. There are still people in some parts of Europe who would hassle her for not only being Jewish and a mutant, but also because she is a gypsy."

Razor nodded, seeming to draw inward again as he stared back out the window. "How would a person know what love is then? Jennifer tried to explain once to Scar and I but the context was different." He hmmphed softly. "Scar was eavesdropping on her and Pietro."

That made Hank laugh. "I couldn't even imagine what the boy must have seen." Then he leaned back and combed the fur on his chin with his claws as he thought about how to answer the boy's question. "Love isn't something easily explained. It's a very strong emotion, as important as air, food, and sleep. It's something that vibrates in the very core of your being. It makes sunny days brighter and cold rainy ones warmer. It makes colors more vibrate, and food taste better."

"It was rather explicit," Razor said wryly. "How would I know a person is simply a friend or...more? I have never had friends before never mind more."

"The easiest way, I've found, is to simply ask." Hank replied.

"Or sniff," Logan added from the door. "You can smell it on 'em."

Razor froze.  "That is hardly one of my capabilities."

"You ain't got enhanced senses when you're in beast form?" Logan asked as he popped the tab on his beer can.

Razor shook his head once. "They did not design me to be complete in that regard," he said matter of factly. "It's either that or the code did not combine well with the other capabilities."

"Kid even talks like you," Logan snorted.

Hank huffed. "There is nothing wrong with the way we speak."

"Sure, if you're into ten dollar words," Logan teased.

"I would have asked Pietro but..." Razor sighed softly. "I believe the matter would make him uncomfortable. I believe I've met someone who I would like as a friend."

Hank smiled bright which showed his fangs. "That's wonderful, Razor."

Logan sniffed and smirked. "The Jarvis kid."

"Do you have any idea how very irritating it is to be scented like a prey animal?" Razor asked. "Not to mention how very rude?"

Logan snorted out a laugh as his reply.

Razor's glare was as cold as the color of his eyes.

"That look," Logan pointed at the kid with his unlit cigar, "is pure helmet-head."

Hank sighed. "Logan, you know Wanda dislikes when you call him that."

"Wanda ain't here," Logan replied.

"But I am," Razor said in a tone as cold as his glare. "I think I saw your picture in the dictionary next to the definition for uncouth."

Logan snorted again. "I like this kid, Hank."

"In either case, there is no real answer, is there?" Razor asked.

"It's different for everyone kid," Logan replied before Hank could. "Different each time it happens too. But when it does, there's just this way of knowing it. Something only you'd understand."

"I rather not offend and lose a friend," the boy said quietly.

Logan shrugged as he downed his beer. "Life ain't worth much without some risk."

Razor shook his head. Not one thing had gone easily so far. Life wasn't fair but couldn't it be a little fair?

"When you take the risk and it works out," Hank said as he toyed with his wedding ring, a bright smile on his face, "the outcome can be the greatest treasure of your life."

"And if it doesn't?" Razor asked.  "What then?"

"Ya hurt for a while and then ya move on." Logan replied.

"Excuse me if I've had enough of that already," Razor muttered. With a muttered sigh, he pushed away from the window and walked out of the room.

Hank looked at Logan, who just shrugged, and then pushed to his feet to follow the boy. "I can understand your need to play it safe, but you shouldn't let that stop you from living your life."

"I never said I had any intention of that," Razor said in a far away tone.

"No, but every thing in your life is in such chaos that you're afraid of shaking up the stable things." Hank easily fell into step beside the boy as they walked the hallway.

"I am not afraid of anything," Razor said firmly even if he didn't feel it so firmly.

Hank smiled as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his cargo shorts. "Then why not tell young Kevin you like him?"

Razor paused a moment and actually hmmphed softly. "I don't know how," he admitted. "You must realize none of us has any clue about these things. Scar's eavesdropping aside."

"You ever tell the little ones how you feel about them?" Hank asked as they passed the large windows that looked over the memorial garden.

"That's different," Razor countered. "I've known them all my life so it's rather easy."

"But there is still the chance for rejection," Hank mused as he paused to look out the window. "Billy has a twin who refuses to accept the truth. Blaze fights acceptance at every turn."

Razor's lip curled in a slight snarl at just the thought of his brother and, quite unintentionally, a nearby brass door knob rattled. "Blaze can go...never mind, I think you know what I might say about him." Making a concert effort to settle his nerves where Blaze was concerned, Razor let out a slow breath. "None of the little ones have ever pushed me away for anything other than fussing at them. This...Kevin is different."

"If I hadn't gotten past my own fears of losing Wanda as a friend, I would not have her as my wife, I would not have my children," Hank replied, a loving smile on his lips. "I still believe the risk is worth it."

"So you are suggesting I just...what?  Say something?" Razor asked.

Hank nodded as he put a paw on the boy's shoulder. "Yes."

Razor fought back the automatic flinch. The man meant well and he /had /helped. "It isn't as though I don't talk too much or so I'm told." He smirked just slightly. "'Ten dollar words' was it?"

"Yes," Hank laughed. "But remember that came from a man who can have whole conversations by grunting, snarling, and growling."

Razor hmmphed softly.  "Yet the little ones find him amusing."

"Despite his gruffness Logan has always been very good with children." Hank smiled fondly. Oh how their lives had changed over the years.

"Then excuse me if I do not find him so very funny," Razor replied. Those ice blue eyes had warmed if only slightly as he added, "Thank you, sir. Your advice is quite appreciated."

Hank smiled brightly, a smile that reached his own eyes. "You're more then welcome, Razor. If you ever need to talk about anything I'm here, and please it's Hank."

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