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  • From: Paul Thomas <paul_thomas@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 11:33:17 -0500

I have read through the messages on this subject of Quorum.

As the originator of MUGLO - On-line, if my memory serves me properly  
this group was to be basically an on-line group without meetings  
unless anyone saw fit to hold one; it is only just recently that we  
started having regular meetings again so that the situation has  
changed the interpretation of the Constitution and no doubt requires  
a more major change.

However whilst it is an on-line group it was intended that motions  
would always be placed on line for the membership to vote by email as  
there were no meetings at which to vote.  That is why even the annual  
meeting voting (if required) is to be done by email.

As to the question of a quorum, when I was maintaining the membership  
list (FMP database), I cannot remember what percentage of the  
membership constituted a quorum but certainly the membership that I  
maintained had two parts: Active and Inactive - only the former group  
could vote.  I forget now what was my criteria but it was something  
like "Active members were those who had posted a message on the MUGLO  
List within the last 6 months"  -  I am not sure about the actual  
number of months but I think it was 6.  If one was Inactive and then  
returned to posting again then I changed them back to Active.  This  
seemed to work quite well and in fact the Active List was then posted  
on the MGLO Web page.

Though this did involve a little work for the Register maintainer, it  
was not too arduous using a FMP database...

Just some thoughts which might guide those involved with this thorny  
problem - I am sure something based on these original concepts could  
be used as a model...

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