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Just a wild stab in the dark here, but could it be that the "delete roaming
profile" policy is in effect? (when user logs off) Or am I misunderstanding
that function?

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>I have 2 users whose wallpaper keeps changing.  One of them has full
>Domain Admin rights and his security is not limited in any way, he is a
>member of the excluded from policy group in Active Directory.  He is
>using one of the standard Windows XP wallpaper designs (Stonehenge).
>The other is a regular user who has tried several different wallpaper
>designs, including something he downloaded (from a trusted site).  He
>has normal user rights.
>Every once and a while their wallpaper (not at the same time or same
>day) changes to the standard blue background that Windows 2000 has as
>default.  We are using roaming profiles in an Active Directory
>environment.  Servers are running Windows 2000.  Users has Pentium 4 1.6
>GHZ processors, one of them has 256 MB or RAM the other has 512 MB.
>They both have at least 12 GB of free space on their hard drive.
>Has anyone seen this in their environment?
>Thank you,
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