[mswindowsxp] Internet explorer problems under Winxp (after sp1)

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I had a problem with internet explorer for a LONG while now, actually, I
had it since I installed sp1 and had to reinstall my internet explorer
Anyway, the main problem was that no software (apart from outlook!) was
able to open a internet explorer window. Let's say someone sent me a
link on msn, I would be able to go directly to the website without
having to copy/paste the link in the address bar..
Well, now it seems like I localized the problem, but I kinda of need a
solution :S, if u check the attached file, u can see a screenshot of my
system information, I encircled the important part with red, it looks
like windows cant localize the internet explorer folder!! I am believing
that the solution would be as easy as telling "him" where it is.I would
think there is a registry key to modify, so would anyone happen to know
where that is?!

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