[mso] Re: Peter's Email formatting problem

  • From: "Peter Chiavaro" <kp@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <mso@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 09:39:51 -0400

Hi Linda,

Be reminded that I am using Outlook 2k.

When I hit "reply" on this message, MS Word opens. At the extreme top of =
my screen I see:

RE: [mso] Peter's Email formatting problem - (Plain Text) - Microsoft =

Right NOW (as I am typing) MS Word is using my default font which it =
Tahoma 10 pt. I still can see and use my formatting toolbar and I can =
STILL format the text. (all of which I DO NOT DO when posting to this =
list) I also do NOT use any default stationary, backgrounds or =

This is bold text. <- the text to the left is bold, and I'm sure the =
formatting will be stripped out successfully when it's received by =
freelists although I see BOLD while composing. I also STILL have all my =
normal HTML options available to me even though at the top of the screen =
it says "(Plain Text) - Microsoft Word". This is why I think we a =
barking up the wrong tree. I don't think it has anything to do with HTML =
settings, but rather carriage returns, or end of line settings. You'll =
notice the funny chars only appear at the ends of the lines, and NOT =
where any HTML tags might be.

In the dialog:

Options, Mail Format, send in this message format... I have set to HTML. =
I believe this is a global setting. I need this set to HTML because 90% =
of the Email I send is HTML. The "plain text setting" in the contact =
(address book), should (in my opinion) override the global setting, NOT =
vice versa.

Directly under "send in this message format" there is a check box "Use =
MS Word to edit Email messages". I have this CHECKED (of course).

Directly under that, I have 2 buttons "Settings" and "International =

"Settings" is where I get the HTML settings. MIME is set to NONE, and =
"automatically wrap lines to [66].

I think we might end this thread. It's beginning to look like Pandora's =
Box. The bottom line is that we're not getting very far on our own. How =
about sending a short message to the very nice support folks at =
freelists. See what they have to say about it. The problem could very =
well be on THEIR END when they do the stripping. In any case, the dweebs =
should know SOMETHING about it..

HEY... BTW, I see you've changed the subject line to "Peter's Email =
formatting problem". Are you picking on me? LOL, I see at least 6-8 =
other members who are sending the 3D's and =3D equal signs. As a matter =
of fact, YOU..... are sending them YOURSELF sometimes.... Hahahaha.

Here,, copy & paste this into a message to them.

Dearest Support People at FreeLists,

   Some of my list-members have odd characters (equal signs"=3D" and =
3D's) at the end of their lines. How do we correct this?

Thank you,

List-Owner [mso]

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<<There are 3 options. None, Quoted Printable, Base 64. Mine is set to =

Hmmm...I don't have those three options anywhere that I can see....If I
click on the button that says International Options, I have encoding set
to Western European (ISO), but I don't see those three options you have

And....you are saying that the message is set to plain text and you can
format the font WITHIN the message?  That's impossible as far as I have
ever seen....not for plain text...are you sure you aren't using "rich"



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