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Hey All,
I like the work you have all done on the slides so far. It is coming together 
Can someone try and add Leah's slides to the presentation I posted under the 
collaborative docs section.  I'm having problems trying to copy them over. 
Maybe its Office 2007 that is not allowing me to copy them over correctly, I'm 
losing all of the formatting for some reason. 
I would also suggest to Leah to add a slide or two based on Paul's final 
suggestions as the customer into slide set 5. The DFD's look good. 
Leah, I hope you are feeling better! Food poisoning is the worst.


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Next telecon will be Thursday, 2007 JUL 12 @ 8 PM via teleconference bridge.  
At our last telecon (#3), we elected to NOT do it this Sunday in order to allow 
everyone to work on the midterm exam.  Notes from the last telecon are posted 
in the collaborative docs area of our Blue Group WebTycho area. 
All Blue Group,
FYI - The midterm will cover lectures 1-6.  During telecon #3 we discussed 
whether or not session 6 would be included on the midterm.  I posted a question 
to Dr. Nance in the Q&A conference and she confirmed that session 6 is fair 
game for the mid term. 
Good luck on the midterm!

On 7/6/07, LaShawn Barnswell <lashawnbarnswell@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Hey Everybody,

        I am on vacatation for the next four days but will do my best to be on 
the next conference. I took a look at all the slides and I think they all look 
very good. I think we are doing an excellent job. Let me know if there is 
anything else I can do to help out. I know we have the mid-term today. Are we 
still having the conference Sunday? I hope everyone had a great 4th. 




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