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Those new instruments have not yet had NKS preset files released for them. I was hoping they would by now, but there haven't been any Arturia updates lately, so we're all still wishing and hoping like the song says.

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Dear Chris,

Thank you very much! Great info as always!


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Hi Brian,

Yes Arturia V Collection 8 is NKS compatible, however in the latest release they added several new instruments which certainly at the time of release did not have accompanying NKS presets, this may now have changed, but you would have to verify this prior to purchase.

Also perhaps of consideration is Arturia Analog Lab V, which is not NKS compatible through Arturia, however Freelance Soundlabs have created an NKS pack for it, there are presets for all of the V Collection  instruments totalling in excess of 7000 presets, it’s a fraction of the price of the full V Collection, but obviously depends on what you need.



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Dear maggers,

    I reasonably discovered  Arturia V Collection 8, which sounds
    extremely interesting.

    Have any of you guys here tried it, and is there NKS packages
    available for it?

    Thanks in advance.



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