[microfarmer] One Straw Potluck

  • From: Tajh Leitso <tajh@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 10:37:02 -0700

My family and I attended the One Straw Potluck. We brought a tomato salad from the garden and whole wheat biscuits made from organic wheat milled in our blender.

The food, people and setting were fantastic! Thank you to Lynn and Linda for the excellent hosting work! It was great to taste (and see) a wide variety of local food.

This was my first exposure to a group of farmers/gardeners and the most interesting (and common) question was "Are you a farmer?" The first few times people asked this question of me, I was mildly shocked, mainly because I perceived mild tones of disbelief in the question (I should have worn gumboots ;), and mainly because I did not really know the answer! My answer (after referring to the dictionary...) is now: no, I am not a farmer, I am a gardener striving for self sufficiency. Perhaps this means that one day I will eventually earn the title of "Micro Farmer."

I did not get around to meeting everyone (we left shortly after six due to "tired" toddlers), but I did meet many interesting people, and we all had an excellent time. Thank you!

farmer |ˈfärmər|
1 a person who owns or manages a farm.
2 [with adj. ] historical a person to whom the collection of taxes was contracted for a fee.

gardener |ˈgärdnər|
a person who tends and cultivates a garden as a pastime or for a living : cultivars grown by amateur gardeners | a topiary gardener.

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