[meepo] Freelists it is, then.

  • From: Albright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: meepo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 09:04:58 -0400

Having scanned Coollist's web site, they make no mention of their recent
problems, and there is really no way to even know what happened. Tech
support never let me know what was happening, so I'm saying we drop them.

Freelists is run by some gearheads who survive on donations, and obviously
do it in their spare time, or as part of something else.  And yeah, I timed
it, and it IS faster.  So to keep things consistent, let's use Freelists
from this point on.


Dru Albright
Aronson+Johnson+Ortiz, LP
(215) 546-7500
(610) 389-0617 [Cell]

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