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  • Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 14:15:53 -0400

According to Pcat over on Nutkinland, Enworld is doing just fine...it's
cyberstreet that's having the problem.  Their upstream provider is having
traffic problems, and every system they host is hosed.  I haven't seen an
update since before lunch, though.

Happy Birthday, Joe!  (I had no idea).

As for what to let you in on....well, think 12th level Druid, first edition.
BWA-HA-Ha-ha!  Ahem.

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> Don't you think it unfair that they would get us all hooked 
> on it then not have the proper support to keep it up?
> Sort of like a hooker that won't put out.
> BTW... Dru, I'm scared. very scared for poor Bolo with that 
> last message from you. is this anything you can let me in on?
> (It's my 40th birthday today.. pitty me.)
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