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I am wondering if we should distro this to the members.. not sure if we can 
take all or any of these course. Some may be LE only.

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Subject: Training Updates, November 5
Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2008, 3:19 PM


You are receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in training 
programs being offered by MEMA or FEMA/DHS.  If you would like to be removed 
from this distribution list, please click here to unsubscribe. 
Please see our current course vacancies for upcoming DHS-sponsored WMD 
training.   New additions to the calendar are highlighted in yellow.   This 
training is provided FREE for Federal, State and local organizations and 
responders.  If you are interested in attending these courses, please forward 
your applications to me as soon as possible. 
Please click here to view our entire training calendar online: 
http://www.mema.state.md.us/calendar/index.asp ;

Course Title



Current Vacancies

More information/application:

ICS-400: Advanced ICS, Complex Incidents

November 12-13

La Plata


click here

ICS-400: Advanced ICS, Complex Incidents

November 21-22



click here

Incident Command System 300/400 Combined Course

December 2-5



click here

Incident Command System 300/400 Combined Course

December 8-11



click here

Incident Command System 300/400 Combined Course

December 15-19

Prince Frederick


click here

Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Train the Trainer

December 16-18



click here

Narcotics Enforcement Training (N.E.T.) School
          November 10-14
The school will provide students with both classroom lecture and practical 
scenarios focusing on undercover narcotics investigations and operations. 
Students will receive instruction in drug identification, narcotics 
investigative techniques, utilizing and controlling informants, surveillance 
techniques and tactics, investigative document preparation, search warrant 
planning/execution and numerous other areas essential to undercover narcotics 
investigations.  Students will work a “narcotics investigation” from case 
initiation through culmination, using a confidential informant, conducting 
controlled buys, engaging in moving and stationary surveillance, drug rips, and 
bringing the case to closure by writing and serving a search and seizure 
For more information, click here: 

Proactive Interdiction: Apprehending Drug Smugglers & Terrorists on the streets 
& highways of America
          November 24-25
Course Topics include:

The Current Narcotics Threat across the US 
Narco-terrorism:  Drug-terror connection 
Identifying Drug-smugglers                     
Identifying Foreign and Domestic Terrorists 
Hidden Compartments and Drug Stashes 
Proactive Interdiction Techniques 
Patrol Techniques 
Interdiction Stops 
Legal Issues and Case Law 
Officer Safety and Survival 
And much more!

For more information click here: 

Any questions can be addressed to Officer Marc Erme of the Montgomery County 
Police Department at marc.erme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mass Fatalities Incident Response Course
          December 10-12, 2008
          Harrisburg , PA
PURPOSE:  The purpose is to formally prepare county coroners/medical examiners, 
funeral directors, municipal and Commonwealth response personnel and other 
responsible agencies and professionals to handle mass fatalities effectively 
and to work with the survivors in an emergency or disaster.  This course 
provides information that will enable the participants to develop plans and 
train their staff to respond in a coordinated effort to a mass fatalities 
1. FEMA IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System
2. FEMA IS-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents 
3. FEMA IS-700 National Incident Management System
TARGET AUDIENCE:  Coroners, funeral directors, and emergency management 
personnel will be considered first for enrollment.  As space permits, other 
response personnel (i.e., fire, police, EMS , planners, and Red Cross) will be 
CEU APPROVAL: CEU hours are being finalized with Indiana University of 
Pennsylvania (2 CEUs), PA Department of Health (14 CEUs), and PA Funeral 
Directors Association (TBD).  The instructor will have the appropriate 
paperwork at the class for interested parties.
PEMA Headquarters, Room 180A, 2605 Interstate Drive , Harrisburg , PA 17110
ADMINISTRATIVE INFO:  There is no cost for attendance at this course.  Those 
commuting over 50 miles are eligible for lodging on the nights of December 9, 
10, and 11 2008.  Lunch will be provided for all participants on all three 
course days.  Attendees are responsible for travel, phone, and other meal costs.
Students MUST be present all three days.
Course will start at 8 a.m. December 10th and end at 5:00 pm December 
12th.  All training sessions will run from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Last day to register is November 21, 2008.
MATERIALS REQUIRED:  There are no special materials required for this course.
REGISTRATION:  All attendees must be at least 18 years of age.
Registration is only through PA Prepared LMS. 
In order to use the online registration, you must first establish a user 
profile and log into the system. Go to the Learning Management Website: 
 https://key.emsed.com/login.asp.    ;
Once your information is accepted, you can now log into the system.  Click 
on the Courses icon which is located at the left side of the web page.  Click 
on this course offering and place yourself on the enrollment list. 
*For each person being registered, a separate user profile must be created*

DHS Soft Targets Awareness Course: Places of Public Assembly
          December 12, 2008
          Harrisburg , PA
PURPOSE:  The purpose of this course is to familiarize owners and operators of 
places of public assembly with early warning signs of a terrorist or violent 
criminal attack targeting their facility.  It will describe the 7 steps in the 
terrorist operational planning cycle; give examples of suspicious behaviors and 
when terrorists are most likely to be detected prior to an attack.  Finally, it 
will describe the actions that should be taken to minimize the likelihood of an 
attack and what best practices should be adopted to best protect life and 
property.  Intended for public assembly venues including but not limited to 
hotels, motels, theatres, entertainment events, school gatherings, religious 
gatherings, etc. 
TARGET AUDIENCE:  Property/facility managers, supervisors, 1st line managers 
and their security and safety staff are encouraged to attend.  
ADMINISTRATIVE INFO:  There is no cost for attendance at this course.  SCTF 
will pay for all expenses including course materials, refreshment and lunch.  
Lodging, transportation and all other meals, and phone calls are the 
responsibility of the attendee.
LOCATION: Harrisburg Area Community College , Wildwood Conference Center (Gate 
4), One HACC Dr. , Harrisburg PA ( Dauphin County ), 8 AM-5 PM
Contact: George Giangi, Chairperson, Business, Industry & Infrastructure
Email: giangiw@xxxxxxx
Phone: 717-312-1127

Understanding and Planning for School Bomb Incidents
          January 14, 2009
          College Park
Success in deterring, preventing, preparing for, and responding to a bombing 
incident at a school relies on the establishment and maintenance of a robust 
crisis and consequence management infrastructure. As part of an inter-agency 
team, emergency responders must be adequately trained, equipped, exercised, and 
funded, in order to ensure their ability to effectively respond and conduct 
relief and recovery operations. Understanding and Planning for School Bomb 
Incidents (UPSBI) will provide you with the tools and information needed to 
develop or assess an existing school bomb incident response plan. 

For more information, please click here: www.mfri.org/seminars

Course Hosts Needed
We need course hosts for our 2009 training calendar.  
If you are interested in hosting, please pick courses from this catalog:  
Then fill out this form and fax back to me: 

Erin Valentine
Exercise and Training Program Administrator
Maryland Emergency Management Agency
phone: (410) 517-3648
fax: (410) 517-3610
Click here to view our online training calendar!


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