[maroc-ops] hardman removed

  • From: "Op UserList" <hardman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: maroc-ops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 18:59:55 GMT

Hi maroc-ops
well, here im writing my little msg, 1st to thank you for your hospitality
and your trust by adding me as a new op among your team.
secondly, i declare that i have removed my access from #maroc like all the 
rest that they have done so cause we have the same point of view.lately 
things were not going on the right way. disputes between ops hatred ... 
giving orders...pls dont forget that we are just VOLUNTEERS and there is no 
need of giving orders.
i give here an example with .MR NeoWatch
he always joins nightly and at that time im on my idle period after 
participing happily with controlling the channel, and he says OP TOI. aw !??
one day i got suspended by him for 10 days with this raison but the 
suspension was cancelled as soon as i quited.
i wanna mention another thing which is (/mode #maroc -o nick )in case of 
flood or any other attack, why do they fear facing the attacks? is it 
because they dont want to be responsible !!? or...or...and that is a bad 
thing for #maroc.
#maroc needs opers that animate but in the same time they are able to get 
the calm for it guests,
anyway im not gonna be too long, you know what it must be done, if u are 
interested to go ahead and ahead with #MAROC.
my best regards to Everyone

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