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  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 12:45:47 -0400

Thanks I will try it when I get Back to Georgia. I dropped the DVD over the 
balcony of the condo by mistake 10 stories, so it is by by DVD.
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  A lot of it depends on how the dvd was burned.
  If there is a directory in the root of the dvd disk that is called video_ts, 
and the video files are in that directory, then the mac will pick it up, and 
play it directly w/o any intervention on your part.
  If it's a disc you've played before, it will ask you if you want to begin 
where you last played, start at the beginning, or some other option I can't 
remember at the moment.
  However, the apple dvd player still isn't accessible as far as controls and 
navigating disc contents (yet) I suspect this will change as apple gets more 
into making apps accessible.
  In the meantime, you can get my dvd player from my page 
(homepage.mac.com/windowbridge, and download the softcon dvd player.  It allows 
you to navigate the disk by selecting titles directly (only the first 5) 
next/previous title, next/previous chapter, change camera angles (admittedly 
not much use for us) and most important of all, allows language selection all 
via keyboard controls, something apple's dvd plyer does not.

  I'm still working on it to add audio only playing/extraction (in case you 
want to save the soundtrack to your ipod or something) and a few other features 
in the works, but it does give you a lot more control over the dvd playing, so 
you may like it better.
  Of course, you may not like it better too, and that's ok as well.

  On Sep 15, 2007, at 8:10 PM, VaShaun Jones wrote:

    Hello listers I am in Florida (my favorite hideaway ) and I open my Mac 
Book Pro and it says I don't have any trusted wireless connections available. 
Do I want to connect to the hotel's network? This happened as soon as I turned 
on the computer. It said the hotels name, but I don't remember it. I recognized 
the name because hours earlier I had to go to the control panel of my Windows 
laptop and configure it myself (what I now know is a pain). If I am allowed to 
curse in a good way (not flaming a lister), that was the coolest shi* I have 
ever seen. Sorry, I had to get that out! Now for the question: I solved the 
problem of wondering why I had another component showing up next to my HD. It 
was a DVD....This brings me to the day that I wanted to test if things "just 
work on the Mac". So I set up my computer using no sighted assistance using VO. 
Cool it worked, now I want to play a CD. I put it in and wa la I Toones popped 
up and played the CD without a long Windows I Toones wait. Oh and it actually 
was assessable....Now lets try a DVD. So I put my problem in its beautiful slot 
and this program popped up. It doesn't play and I am stuck one month later. The 
program says that it is "unknown" and will not to my knowledge play. It is a 
bootleg DVD, but should work just fine. Can someone help.

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