[lsr] Linux Screen Reader project ideas

  • From: Peter Parente <pparent@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: lsr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 13:49:05 -0500


I'm emailing links to more information about the LSR project to anyone 
that spoke in length with Brett or I at the ACM ASSETS conference. I'm 
also cc'ing the message the LSR mailing list for record keeping (minus 
your individual email addresses). I will avoid sending you additional spam 
unless you send a response to this message.

The LSR home page has links to both user and developer resources, and 
instructions on how to download and install LSR. The LSR homepage lives 


We created a 14-minute screen cast titled "Linux Screen Reader...is not 
just a screen reader" to accompany our poster at ASSETS. It requires Flash 
to play and showcases how the extensibility of LSR can be used to create 
user interfaces and tools for disabilities other than visual impairments. 
You can watch the screencast (audio+video) at:


Some of you expressed an interest in potential student projects related to 
LSR. In response, I have created a page listing possible project topics. 
All of these are open to further discussion and are certainly not limited 
to student involvement. The project page is posted at:


It was nice meeting all of you. I hope to hear from you or see you at 
another ASSETS.

Best regards,

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