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Alien Invasion?
Or Just Another CON?

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

3rd February 2011

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It is interesting that there has been a gradual increase over the years of UFO sightings with videos springing up on You Tube and other places and articles "proving" that there is life on Mars, etc. Along with the New Age focus on "higher" levels and dimensions and contact with other worldly beings, our thoughts and focus are being massaged towards the acceptance of the possibility of alien intervention on Earth. UFO sightings are happening all over Earth, in Russia, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and other countries, giving all of us in our different nations, something in common. As usual, when those behind "The System" want us to think that they are not controlling something, there is very little mention of the sightings in the mainstream media, getting those who want a remedy to "The System" to think they have stumbled onto something not of "The System" that is going to help bring an end to "The System".

In one way they are right; "alien" intervention or invasion is part of the plot to persuade us to let go of the old version of "The System" and be ready for the new version of "The System" when it is ushered in. However, it is all being coordinated and managed by those behind "The System". In this article we explain how aliens and the whole concept of beings from other worlds coming to sort out our mess is just another tactic of those behind "The System" to get us to feel powerless about our situation and to sit around waiting for someone or something else from somewhere else to come and fix it.

We are not going into the technology of how the "alien" ships are crafted, etc, because there are already articles written about this, see: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/1697 and other related topics here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/83 and here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/2515 and here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/1019 and here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/82. We feel they will also have stealth like craft produced using technology that most know nothing about to really amaze us when they finally unleash them upon us. ALL laser and Project Bluebeam
holographic technology, including Reagan Star Wars Laser Satellites, etc, will be used to deceive the people into thinking that alien invasion is happening with large clusters of space ships appearing across Earth, but what there will really be are some man made craft and cloned aliens mixed in with all the holographic images of craft and aliens. We also feel that the new digital cell phone towers that are going up at a fast rate, along with the new digital TVs and digital boxes, are going to be used to generate non-visible, silent frequencies and pulses that will work with HAARP, etc, to create death-ray vibrations to kill billions across Earth. This mass culling will be blamed on alien technology. The Aliens are the new terrorists. Just as Al Qaeda Muslims were blamed for the 9/11 attacks, the aliens will be blamed for the next round of chaos.

Alien invasion is all part of telling us how to think and feel so that we put our energy into the thoughts that they want us to create.

If you use your brain, you will unravel the truth. Just think through the logic.

Alien Invasion? Or Just Another CON?

To us, Earth is not a planet and neither are there any other planets or a solar system or a galaxy etc.
Things are not what they seem.

Everything we see is a LIFE-form, part of our living body of LIFE, and we mean everything.
No LIFE form is apart from us. Just as our toes are part of our head, everything of LIFE is part of our living body.

The Worst Lies

Two lies repeated across all satanic recorded ages.

We are all on a journey heading from somewhere to somewhere


We are all tiny aspects of the universe at the effect of greater forces than us

Both are terrible lies

We are not heading anywhere and we are not tiny aspects of a universe at the effect of greater forces than us.
These lies are used in all religions, esoterics and occults and they are all  black-magic. 

These two lies set the scene for alien invasion, the coming of all promised prophets and messiahs and the emergence of a "hero" from amongst us to lead us into the "Golden Age" prophesied by all the holy/spiritual texts. They allow us to be ruled by esoterics and occults which are all based on numbers so that we end up worshipping numbers and believing in duality, the pull of false consciousness. Belief in these lies is also the basis of commerce as we have to believe in the "journey" of numbers, of wealth, from poor to rich, from office boy to CEO, from camera crew to director, from renters to the American dream and the lucky break when lotto numbers go their way.

Belief in all of these makes us powerless because they all rely on our belief that someone or something else is going to come and rescue us, providing us with their "order", their hierarchies, rather than recognising that what we think is what we create and that to change the world, all we have to do is change the way we think. This seems to be the hardest thing for people to comprehend; no matter what you believe, YOU are creating it.

The Truth Of LIFE

Everything of LIFE has a purpose, a role to play in aiding LIFE rolling along here and now. If that LIFE-form (species) was destroyed, it would impact all other LIFE-forms in relationship to it.

Every dream has a creator. Imagine LIFE as a bubble. Living creator thought out everything of the dream of LIFE in great detail, held all thoughts in focus & then filled the dream with living creator's LIFE to give LIFE to LIFE. There in the bubble is living creator co-creating LIFE with all of LIFE. There is nowhere where the thought of living creator is not. Such is the gift of LIFE bestowed to MAN. LIFE is the LIFE of living-creator.

Truth reveals that all LIFE-forms have the presence of LIFE present. This presence is the substance of LIFE. We, LIFE, MAN, can touch, taste, feel, smell, here and see the substance of LIFE-forms embodied with the presence of LIFE. They are always present amongst us. Through contemplation and observation we can access all the information each LIFE-form has to offer LIFE.

Each LIFE-form is a thought of living-creator given LIFE. Each LIFE-form offers MAN access to feel and think what living-creator thought and felt in creating LIFE. The bubble is an intricate web of thought, of information connecting to information connecting to substance connecting always to the presence of LIFE. "The System" calls this web DNA. The whole of the fabric of LIFE is threads of consciousness interwoven. The consciousness is the thoughts of LIFE given LIFE by living-creator. Consciousness is information, is LIFE.

MANS thought is beyond time and space because MAN can place MANS thought anywhere there is LIFE whilst still being present to LIFE. The presence of living creator has never removed its presence because we are that presence and, as MAN, we are always present. We are not heading anywhere because we are all that is. There is nowhere we are not. MANS LIFE precedes MANS thought. Wherever our thoughts maybe our LIFE is. Without the presence of MAN, LIFE will no longer be present. Our presence, MANS consciousness, is without beginning or end.

Severed From LIFE By The Information Of "The System"

In the bubble, every thought has the substance of LIFE embodied. Without exposure to "The System" or to anyone exposed to civilisation, "The System", children can be brought up by nature and know everything living-creator felt and thought because the information is available all around. There is nowhere where the information of TRUTH is not available for our children. All around is the substance of LIFE. Children do not require 3rd parties to tell them how to think and feel because they always have direct access to truth, 1st party to 1st party,  unless their brains have been hijacked by 3rd parties who tell them how to think and feel with everything they touch, taste, feel, smell, here and see. "Oh, that is a daffodil, it does this and that and is part of blah blah blah blah.

Conned to accept 3rd party thoughts as truth, our children are brainwashed because they take the 3rd party "The System" information, which tells them how to think and feel, to the LIFE-form now called a daffodil, and place that information over the information the LIFE-form willingly seeks to share with our children for free. It's like putting a hood or a cloak or a potato sack of darkness over the LIFE-form so that our children ONLY think and feel DARK thoughts taught to them by 3rd parties. This is the basis of all Satanic thought, its intention is to block out everything LIFE has to share with our children so they will never remember who they really are, what they are really part of and their true purpose.

Now imagine this blocking out happening with ALL of LIFE. Oh that is mars and that is venus, they are planets and blah blah blah, are going around the sun, part of a solar system, part of a galaxy, etc, etc.....

Instead of our children going directly to the LIFE-form now called mars, 1st party to 1st party, using their brains  to contemplate on the information it has to share freely with our children, they have actually fallen into the darkness of a man-made matrix of garbage. This is how ALL fairytales are crafted/imagined into a pretend existence, ALL designed to enslave MAN to fiction, fantasy, illusion and delusion. 

Six billion children could be brought up in nature, learning the truth of LIFE from all the LIFE forms of LIFE around them, not exposed to civilisation or to anyone who has been exposed to civilisation. Not one of them would comprehend the existence of a messiah or the need for one because the information about a messiah comes from the holy/spiritual books of civilisation. As LIFE is all there is and the presence of LIFE is always present amongst us, how can something or someone appear from somewhere else not of LIFE to save LIFE? This is absurd!

Living In The fairytale - Where Are The Aliens?

It is "The System" and ALL the information of "The System" that is the hologram, not LIFE, because LIFE has substance of LIFE embodied while all fairytales and all the props, characters and plot lines of fairytales do not. They have no substance of LIFE embodied. They are not LIFE-sustainable.

All fairytales are CON-structs, they do not exist and the information is not found naturally in LIFE. They cannot walk, talk, feel, eat, drink, poo, wee, co-create, contemplate, negotiate, contract, etc. They are all DEAD and need MAN to put LIFE into these CON-structs, turning MAN into slaves and drones. The CON-structs will never have LIFE embodied so they require the ongoing LIFE-sustainability of MAN. We are having to exhaust our LIFE-energy propping up these DEAD-CORPSES, doing ALL the performance and maintenance required.

We are now acting in a fairytale on a pretend stage of LIFE.

Sitting on our parents lap watching fairytale pictures as they read us Alice in Wonderland has us grow up being Alice through the looking glass of garbage. Children get trained to perform (imitate - RE-PRESENT) Spiderman, Harry Potter, etc, running around in costume and title, which acclimatises them/us to continue this scam as adults. As all fictions have no presence of LIFE present, we have been brainwashed/instructed to RE-PRESENT the thoughts of 3rd parties, imitating the presence of LIFE when in fact they have zilch!!!!!

We are now in the latest cosmic, galactic version of the fairytale which is being read to us by those behind "The System" in preparation for their new version of "The System" which will be a spiritual, cosmic, feel good (feel god) version of the current system. Hence all the "sightings" of UFOs, the alien abductions, the life on Mars, the cosmic channellings, etc. These are all man made! Those behind "The System" have incredible technology and remote control and remote viewing skills at their disposal - they were making "UFOs" during the second world war - what do you think they can do now? "Space craft" have also been discovered in the remnants of the first versions of "The System", the civilisation of Ancient Egypt*** which embraced all civilisations across Earth back then, but this does not prove that UFOs are alien made, only that those versions of "The System" had the same technology as the current one. Computers and televisions have also been discovered - does that prove that aliens exist?

Likewise, the depictions of tall "aliens" do not represent beings from other worlds, such as the Annunaki, but MAN before the fall, when we were much taller and stronger, nourished by the clean, pollen rich air with its high oxygen content and fresh, unpolluted, living food, although some probably represent genetically manipulated clones. (see this post: WHO ARE WE, WHAT ARE WE PART OF AND WHAT IS OUR TRUE PURPOSE by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 2006/2007 - http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7834) The pyramids of the "ancient world" that are being discovered across Earth were the first formation of a mathematical grid system to convey the energy of "The System", hence the "lay lines" that are supposed to have "special" energy but are of "The System", nowhere in LIFE being more or less sacred than anywhere else.

The vast amount of heavy metals being sprayed in our skies and pumped into our waters can be used to generate Reagan Star Wars Laser Satellites Project Blue-beam holograms of "alien invasions" guaranteed to promote mass panic and have us all begging for the new version of "The System". Aliens are also easily produced by those with access to the right technology and genetics to produce "alien" clones, thus ensuring that we believe that they are real. Mixed in with the many holographic clusters of alien invasion craft appearing across earth will be the man-made craft with aliens at the helm too. There is so much more to all of this.  

There are so many props that make up the new fairytale. The stage is set and all those behind "The System" need is for us to get into character and costume and make it all happen, as has been happening through the rise of the New Age, cosmic-galactic, higher-beings, channelled masters, consciousness movement that has been happening over the last twenty to thirty years.

*** The Satanists Ancient Egyptian civilisation first attempt to create their New World Order (NWO). The second coming of Jezeus Christ is actually the Satanist's second attempt to re-create Ancient Egypt's NWO - Jezeus being the biblical, false Anti-Christ/anti-LIFE saviour messiah figure ushering in the Satanic NWO; a one world government, commerce/currency, language, law, military, religion, education, etc. The story of Jesus is a deception to con people into accepting Satan's next version of "The System"; a Christianised, Cosmic-Galactic, 1000 golden year reign, that really is a "Oneness" glue, sticking everyone together by false consciousness.

What Do Aliens Do For LIFE?

As all of LIFE has the substance of LIFE we can visit the ancestors of any LIFE-form buried in the soil, etc, etc. We can experience where their children play, where they rest and what they do as their role in aiding LIFE rolling along here and now. Our children can contemplate on any LIFE-form to gain access to the information they offer freely to us. 

Everything of LIFE has substance; nothing of LIFE is INVISIBLE and it is NEVER A SECRET. We can experience it and our children can contemplate on it and learn from it. What about aliens? UFOs? What information can our children learn from them without us telling them how to think and feel about them? Where is the information of aliens and UFOs available for ALL at ALL times?

Would we all suffer, if not fade away and die, if they did not exist???

As everything of LIFE is interconnected and interdependent to co-create LIFE as a team effort, what about these alien visitors to LIFE? Where is their connection to the web of LIFE that we can touch, taste, feel, smell, hear and see?

Nature is perfection. When a life-form wavers from perfection another life-form transmutes it to maintain perfection, the love for LIFE. The dream of LIFE will die if they don't create these gifts for LIFE. Nature is not dog-eats-dog, survival of the fittest. These are lies. Instinctively a creature will transmute MAN when their instincts instruct them to. Our Anti-Life distortion invites them in to transmute us as they sense imperfection. Nature will never harm pure & sincere MAN. Everything of LIFE transmutes LIFE; when we breath the air, we change it, when we eat a plant, we change it. However, MAN does not need to kill and eat old or sick animals because nature already takes care of that and because to do so is detrimental to our health. MANS role is to be free to contemplate on and expand LIFE. What is the role of aliens in the living dream of LIFE?

All the constructs of "The System" are invisible. We can destroy a mountain to build a physical image of a Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court still does not exist and is therefore invisible. All we can see is the destroyed mountain turned into an organised pile of bricks but it has no LIFE, it is dead and, if left alone, will crumble away to dust.  What about UFO's?

The Satanic Trap - The Scam Of The Ages

Whose thoughts are you thinking.  If they can get you to think and feel what they want you to think and feel and get you to put your energy, your LIFE, into these feelings and thoughts, you will create a world in their image. Slaves willingly create a world in their masters image without realising. If the fairytale that you believe in tells you the two lies at the beginning of  this article, then that is what you will create and be a victim to. We all need to use our brains and go where the logic of truth takes us. The smartest easiest path towards truth, one that is fail safe, is the path of Do No Harm. Then its just about becoming more and more conscious each day of the Anti-Life harm we support and cause and learning how to withdraw our energy from such harm-doing.

Removing LIFE Out Of LIFE

All the chaos of harm doing is the result of MAN removing the presence of LIFE out of LIFE. Where once there was the presence of LIFE, only chaos, ANTI-LIFE, is now present. All disease and sickness known to MAN is due to the removal of the presence of LIFE out of LIFE so that LIFE is no longer present. "The System" education, including ALL university courses and careers and ALL fairytales and fiction, which include advertising, Hollywood movies and all the other garbage transmitted on television and the internet is designed to instruct our children to remove the presence of LIFE out of their lives.

The gateway into "The System", that is the HELL of ANTI-LIFE, is removing the presence of LIFE out of our thoughts, feelings and actions so that our LIFE, our brains, are no longer present to LIFE. This is what has become of every man, woman and child who has entered "The System". It is impossible to enter "The System" or stay in "The System" if the presence of LIFE is still present in our lives, in our thoughts, feelings and actions. All fantasy, illusion and delusion, and all harm-doing negative destructive emotions, thoughts and actions, some being arrogance, ignorance, ridicule, abuse, character assassination, greed, selfishness, righteousness, power and control trips, are the effects of Anti-Life and are the incontrovertible signs of the presence of LIFE no longer being present amongst us.

We are removing the presence of LIFE out of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the streams, rivers and oceans we swim in, the mountains we climb and the forests we walk in so that LIFE is no longer present. Anti-Life has become so strong that no creature, plant, soil, rocks or minerals is safe from the genetic attacks of Anti-Life. The food we eat is removing LIFE from LIFE, the drinks we drink are removing the LIFE out of LIFE, the drugs we take are removing LIFE out of LIFE, the cars we use are removing the LIFE out of LIFE and the houses we live in are removing the LIFE out of LIFE. From rejoicing in the living world of nature and doing all we could to nurture and protect it, we have become obsessed with money possessions and what WE need for OUR lives. The lawyers, barristers, judges, law enforcers, politicians, clergy, experts, educators, media representatives, scientists, channellers, new age gurus, etc, etc, etc, are all the men and women whose innocence was stolen and who were taught to
become servants and slaves of Anti-Life and their Anti-Life messiah and saviour who is leading them to their eternal anti-life death. A mass culling of LIFE is upon us now.

How Much Harm Is Acceptable?

A little harm is too much harm - a little violence, a little hatred, a little war, a little rape, a little abuse, a little fraud........ How much is acceptable? How much harm do you want in your life? A little aspartame, a little MSG, a little fluoride, a little white sugar, a little flavouring, a little chemtrail, a little drug from Big-Pharma....... How are you feeling today? And what about your children? In every area of our lives we are doing harm; when we wake up in a room full of fabrics manufactured by removing LIFE out of LIFE, showering in water full of toxic chemicals using cosmetic products full of toxic chemicals and dressing in clothes made of synthetic fibres. We live in dead houses, work in dead offices, send our children to dead schools and go to dead movie theatres and football stadiums for our anti-life entertainment.

Our lives in "The System" is really just a production line designed to get us to commit spiritual suicide. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. From the bedroom, bathroom, laundry, kitchen, living room and garage, from the driveway, roadways, traffic jams, petrol stations and city pedestrian crossings, from the skyscrapers, careers, fast food outlets, pubs, clubs, New Age life empowerment conferences and Sunday mornings listening to the sermons of Anti-Life priests, we are hell bent on removing LIFE out of LIFE no matter the consequences. We are waiting for the anti-LIFE world to swallow us up, victims to our own non-sense.

Is the penny dropping?????

Instead of the rays of sunlight going outwards they turn back on the "SELF" of the sun and, with the sun only concerned about what is in it for the sun, we no longer see the light or feel the warmth of the sun. All that is left is a black hole of Anti-Life where the sun once radiated LIFE. This is what has become of many of us; instead of radiating our LIFE out for other LIFE forms of LIFE to bask under the radiance of our gift of LIFE, we are turning inwards and thinking only about our own needs, wants and desires.
The my, my, my, mine, mine, mine, i, i, i, own, own, own, is killing us; my pleasure, my God, my belief, my faith, my money, my taxes, my debts, my mortgages, my career, my security, my savings, my investments, my standing in the community, my drug highs, my orgasm, my sex, my football team, my political preferences, my fear, my trauma, my loneliness, my unhappiness, my suicide, etc, etc, etc, etc. We are relentless in destroying who we really are.

Is it possible for us to turn things around before it is too late?????

Love For LIFE

If partners put LIFE into a relationship the LIFE of the relationship bounces back two fold to each of them. When 100 members of a tribe put LIFE into the tribe, the LIFE of the tribe bounces back 100 fold & then the love bounces to everyone 10,000 fold. This is the true power of LOVE that is LIFE. We need to form tribes, creating Gifts of love that give LIFE to the tribe. We don't need to be individuals, we are already unique. The LIFE energy is being generated by our LIFE, not by someone or something from somewhere else not of LIFE. How can someone or something else create our lives for us? How can a stranger be responsible for creating our family? How can someone not present amongst us be creating everything around us?

Our LIFE energy, our love for LIFE is what the sun is; it is the love that we have for LIFE bouncing back at us as the sun shares the love of all of us back to all of us without exclusivity or privilege. Just as the love of everyone of the tribe shines over all the tribe, so the sun shines love over all of LIFE. The other celestial bodies are also reflections of the love we have for LIFE. They are all LIFE, just as we are. Imagine Earth of our making when tribes of love spread all across Earth and the impact of our love for LIFE on our children, the birds, the animals,the plants, the trees, the mountains, the air and the water. Imagine the love we create when we stop putting our energy into war, hatred, fear, trauma and SELF-centeredness. When all the LIFE forms of LIFE are bouncing the energy of LIFE, the living creator, to all other LIFE forms of LIFE, their contemplation and rejoicing in LIFE expands the living dream of LIFE so that there is always room for all. The presence of the Gift of LIFE created by our gifts for LIFE is present amongst us.

There is nothing out there that can change anything for us. We are causing the destruction and we can co-create Paradise. The choice is ours.

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

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