[louisianaleps] Cameron Parish, LA, 11/18/12 (sorry, I previously used the wrong title on this current report)

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After a week of cooler temps (down into the high 30's a couple of nights), the 
weather warmed up for the past weekend, and I traveled to central Cameron 
Parish Sunday, Nov. 18, to see what might still be flying. I started at about 
9:45 at the Cameron Prairie NWR. A little after noon I moved to Lacassine Pool 
in Jeff Davis Parish which is only 20-25 miles due east as a crow flies. I saw 
22 species, but nothing unexpected. Ceranus Blues continue to be seen, but all 
seen this day were worn. I would note that I haven't seen any Orange Sulphurs 
since the spring, but this butterflies is one that I commonly see during our 
milder winters. I estimate I easily saw between 250 and 300 individual 
butterflies, primarily Ocola Sks, Phaon Cres and Buckeyes. 

Here is the list for Cameron Prairie. . :
4 Cloudless Suls 
1 Orange Sul
5 Little Yellows
1 Sleepy Orange
1 Gray HS
1 Ceranus Bls 
A Phaon Cres 
3 Pearl Cres;
A Gulf Frits 
10 Buckeyes
1 Red Adms
3 Question Marks
1 Goatweed LW
1 Viceroy
1 Monarch
1 Long-tailed Sk
C Tropical Checkered-skippers 
6 So. Sklg
5 Least Sks
11 Fiery Sks
1 Sachem
A Ocola Sks.

The list at Lacassine Pool was smaller, but the individual numbers were 
actually higher.
1 Cloudless sul
1 Orange Suls
5 Sleepy Orangesw
3 Little Yellows
A Phaon Cres
3 Ceranus Bls
between 5 and 10 Gulf Frits
A Buckeyes
1 Viceroy
C Tropical Checkered-skippers
C Fiery Sks
7 Least Sks
A (very) Ocola Sks
I'm not sure if I'll get another trip into the field this year. I am in 
Tennessee over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so iIwill not be around to take 
advantage of the projected mild weather for the coming weekend.  
. Craig Marks


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