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I have to forward mails because some people refuse to use gmail.
:/ :P

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 Adit please forward this to the group. I cannot write mails to the group :(


Guys today we were working on the crawler and came across this awesome way
of searching stuff.
@pushar, @nachiket - I am not sure if you guys have worked with duckduckgo,
buts its a brilliant search engine.
The API's of ddg.gg allow you make something called connections. What this
means is that if you want to search for everything related to "steve jobs"
you can get it  in an indexed form using a ddg.gg specific URL. We are
using this in our parser, however till it is ready, you can use it to make
your searches simpler.


Try the following - http://duckduckgo.com/c/Steve_Jobs

This will give you and indexed an organized items of everything linked to
steve jobs. Each link is then an individual query :)
So its really nice.

Tell me what you guys think


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