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One of the reasons to read lit-ideas lies in its evoking distant memories.

kumrads die because they're told)
kumrads die before they're old
(kumrads aren't afraid to die
kumrads don't
and kumrads won't
believe in life)and death knows whie

(all good kumrads you can tell
by their altruistic smell
moscow pipes good kumrads dance)
kumrads enjoy
s.freud knows whoy
the hope that you may mess your pance

every kumrad is a bit
of quite unmitigated hate
(travelling in a futile groove
god knows why)
and so do i
(because they are afraid to love

ee cummings, p. 413, Poems

I was worried about the insults for Ezra Pound, and it came back to memory that 
in fact that generation of poets in English was as staunchly anti communist as 
it gets.
Among them Pound and Eliot no doubt. Honorable mention to J. Jesus Angleton, 
probably the most impressive of the warriors that won the codl war, one the 
three the yanks really won (Lincoln, ww2 against the empires, and the cold war 
against the ussr.) Angleton after studying poetry, and editing and publishing 
was the person who directed the war against the communist party in Italy, and 
went on to become the chief of counter intelligence of the newly born cia/oss

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