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We have a 20 yr. old daughter in the house - at least we did until she flew off
to Bremen,Germany for the summer a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to
understand much of her English since she turned 18. Fortunately, I managed to
initiate her into the major imperatives of Kant, Rawls, J.S. Mill and Habermas
before she became unintelligible. She's majoring in Biology and German Language
and Civilization. So, of course, her thesis is on the Nazi's putative use of
science for the propagation of their ideologies. She's off to Berlin tomorrow
to visit an old high school friend who has taken up with a German professor who
taught here at MUN for a few terms. Is there anybody in the world who does not
have a connection to Newfoundland? This is really getting spooky. 

Re-reading Marcel's "The essence of fatherhood" (*Homo Viator*)

Walter O.

Quoting carol kirschenbaum <carolkir@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Has anyone else noticed that young females--older teens and
> 20-somethings--have taken to speaking in a raspy monotone? I heard it from
> some students first. Then, on a tip, I tuned into Paris Hilton on tv. Same
> voice--the model, perhaps?
> It's a vocal style that seems to come from the back of the throat. Very
> fast-paced and difficult to understand...at least to me.
> So, anyone here notice this? Anyone know when it will end?
> Carol

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