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                Key Work Terms
 Insomnia's a revision that catches up in Bubble Land
shamming 256-color deals for laughable profit in zero-g,
and throws me into a raw white morning with sore feet
two hours before a stint of fluorescent lights in a sick
building. Society is the means by which it does this.
Money is the addiction feeding the cycle and is adorned
by blaring car horns, earnest effort, and one thing
after another. Friends are accomplices who tap codes
on the old plumbing, scratch calendars on prison walls,
and bake chocolate cakes around files and hacksaws
as they too are carried along by the great wave.
Stalling is an art. Exercise is a science. The proper 
attitude is a religion, which is a mirror held up to vacations
to give the appearance of three dimensions. Sunlight
and trees are footnotes, out of sequence, to a parallel text
by another author. Dreams are escape plans, percolating
secret theories through the heart. Hope is a half map.
For sleep, see insomnia.

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