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Palma and the rest of you,

Funny you should say this:

Note that it is unclear whether the young people of, say Poland & Tibet were
more caring in 1937, note more caring than what?

since if you go into the background report on Ipsos Mori you'll find the following comment:

One of most important conclusions from this review is that we should often take a ‘culture before cohort’ approach: the differences between countries (outside a tight-knit group of US, UK and similar Western democracies – but also often even within these) generally dwarf the differences between cohorts. Even within the generational effects we do see, understanding these more global trends is vital: one of the key drivers of generational difference in the West is the seismic shift of power to the South and East, making a brighter future for the young in established markets much less certain.

That being said what's south and what's east is so relative (these days). Just ask yourself south of what? East as in East Germany or the Far East, which isn't really that far and anyway will be even less far with the coming trade agreement between Japan and the Eu.

Anywho, it wasn't really a question of caring -- it's something the stubborn mind of Palma has interjected -- as much as it was a matter of TRUSTING and how this element has been shaped by the social media. After a weekend on one of the major platforms can you ever trust anyone again?

Keep cool under the palms,

-- If thinking is what distinguishes man's
nature, then surely the essence of this nature, namely the
nature of thinking, can be seen only by looking away
from thinking. (Martin Heidegger) --
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