[lit-ideas] Yost offers Apology to Palma

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 01:28:12 EST

"However, it's interesting that you  completely misunderstood my posts, which 
were offered with humility and  gentleness. I assume this stems from your use 
of English as a second or  third language. Be well."
Why would it be _Palma_'s fault if he  doesn't understand you, Eric? 

Eric, it's thanksgiving's eve -- be more  understanding.
How can the fact that A. Palma is  profficient in many languages ... he 
corrects my Italian ('lasciate' for  'lasciare' amounts indeed to an excellent 
knowledge of  his
native Italian, and the use of the 2nd  person plural that
is not used in most languages ... Then  he knows all that we need to know 
about France, as he's lived in Paris for  years.
And he is familiar with colloquial  German terms, like "und so weiter" and 
spices his prose with  them.
And just because you start talking  about Venus and enemas, in a rather 
obscure form, you get offended by his  calling your speech 'bullshit'.
Don't despair. As Palma uses  'bullshit', it's nothing serious. It means 
something that _he_ finds bullshit,  not that it is.
I liked, Eric, your example of the  corpse or meditator in Central Park or 
some other place. Corpse if Central  Park.
In any case
"I assume this stems from  your use of English as a second or third language. 
Be well." 
For 'be well' I read Latin, "Vale".  What's wrong with the use of English as 
a second, third or fourth language? Are  you sure all monolingual anglophones 
ALWAYS understand you? (I surely don't  count as one). 
And how can you so proudly proclaim  that if there has been a lapse of 
misunderstanding it's because Palma is not a  _native_ as you are?! 

I wish you could explain _in Italian_ what you  mean, and then realise what 
an effort it is for us who are 'natives' in other  languages to express our 
opinions, let alone perceive your degrees of gentleness  and condensation (I 
J. L.  Speranza
           Author  of "Learno Esperanza en Trei Semani" 


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