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Thus  people who are  inspired and work ten hours at a stretch 
without  noticing the time---in samadhi, flow, or whatever---are 
exercising more  will power than someone who looks at a project for 
ten minutes, talks on  the phone, daydreams, sips coffee, returns to 
the project, looks out the  window, hums to herself, returns to the 
project, checks E-mail,  etc

all said without knowing what is really going on in the thought processes  of 
the One who is looking, talking, daydreaming, sipping, returning, looking,  
humming, returning, checking...
all the while that subconscious will is busier that the other person's  
conscious will--and thus the one zoning out until the fourth cup of coffee will 
end up having the project finished before the fifth--and long before the tenth  
hour of the conscious will, powerful though it may be.
One of those sorts,
Marlena in Missouri

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