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Andy Amago wrote:

For Julie, it's certainly heartening that some people did rise to the
occasion, but it doesn't exonerate the DHS's negligence and incompetence. I'm sure Bush and the DHS will point to this as more reason to not fund
disaster relief and applaud themselves as not having done anything.

I'm waiting for the REAL political debate to begin, when the various governments start to spend money for reconstruction. I can hear it now:

From the Republicans--

"New Orleans was already a disaster; there were no jobs there; the economy was 50 years behind the times; the flood was the best thing that could happen to the city. Not only did it get rid of the non-functioning economy, either through death or displacement, it gives us a great big open canvas to re-build and re-gentrify what should be the city of the gentry, of course!"

From the Democrats--

"The flood was caused by Republican neglect that was a deliberate attempt to displace poor black citizens so that the rich could re-develop New Orleans as an upper-middle-class city, pushing the communities of parishes to the ends of the country to avoid giving them a stronger political voice against unemployment."

Andy Amago
Off to watch Spiderman II and debating why there is no Caterpillar Man.

Or no "Bacteria Man!" Those who decry specism are still guilty of it; they give vertebrates privileged place over bacteria. No one ever says "Save the Paramecia" either!" I say that bacteria should have rights too, although when I leave food for them around the house family members do not see my politcal point.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be
explained by incompetence and ignorance." ----------------------------------------------
John Wager johnwager@xxxxxxxxxxx
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