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'Stuart Hampshire' -- Oxford historian A. L. Rowse, author of _Tudor  
Cornwall_, asked about the title of his forthcoming book.
For anyone who actually likes donnish wit, I  prefer 
     the occasion when A L Rowse was complaining at 
     dinner that 
             "I  don't believe you've read any of my books, John. 
             I  mean, do you know Tudor Cornwall?" 
     and Sparrow replied, gesturing to his left, 
            "No. Do  you know Stuart Hampshire?".
Quoting from The Guardian:
       "The death of philosopher Stuart  Hampshire, 
       reported this week, reminded Karl  Sabbagh, who 
       has kindly reminded me, of an exchange  said to 
       have taken place on the high  table at Wadham College, 
       Oxford, where he succeeded Maurice  Bowra as warden. 
            â??Have you read my Tudor Cornwall?â?? 
       the immodest historian AL Rowse  inquired of Bowra. 
                  â??No,â?? said Bowra, 
                  â??but have you met our Stuart Hampshire?â?? 
      Please donâ??t tell me this isnâ??t  true."  --- 
      Comment: "That would be this _Tudor  Cornwall_ 
6227) . Wasnâ??t 
      Bowra the mentor of Margaret Thatcher and  her kind? 
      Please donâ??t tell me he was witty as  well"

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