[lit-ideas] The Three Tribes of Rome: Tites, Ramnes, Luceres

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i "We all belong to some tribe."

This requires formalisation. Consider "T" to symbolise "tribe".


ii "Every nice girl loves a sailor"

iii. "A man gets run over by a car in this street once a day"

--- Re iii: "I wonder how the chap survives" is NOT appropriate. It is not implicated that it´s the SAME man.

Re ii: While it is conceivable that every nice girls loves THE SAME sailor, that is implicated, more than entailed.

Re Geary´s i. We all belong to some tribe -- or other. If we all, x, y, z, belonged to the SAME tribe (not other) then? ... reductio ad absurdum.

Helmut Rix unearthed the three tribes of the Romans: they were the Tites, the Ramnes and the Luceres. They corresponded to three ethnias: the sexiest were the Tites, or Latins or Romans. Then came the Sabines -- the Luceres -- whose women had a reputation for being "facile". The Ramnes were the Etruscans, who nobody could understand (clearly). Helmut concludes:

"Bullshit". He doesn´t use that word. He writes: "The evidence that the three tribes were indicated by different streets on the map of Rome is pretentious. The Romans kept very poor maps. It was thus likely that a Titi could meet with a Ramni or a Luceri at the colisseum, or something. Whey they belonged, OFFICIALLY, to different tribes, they mixed pretty freely -- especially women."

--- The reproduction of the Luceres with the Tites in fact had Gellius Atticus cliaim that the tribes were "four" and proposed "quabes" as the term -- but his bold pronouncement was soon suppressed.

Up to this day, you can still NOTE who belongs to what. Etc. Unless you don´t.

JL Speranza

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