[lit-ideas] The Swimming Pool Library

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  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 13:18:10 EDT

E. Holder asks:
>> I'm sorry, David, but can you please explain the concept of a  library
>> bookstore?  It's a library, but it's a store?  How  can it be a store?
D. Ritchie replies:
>Well it's a bit like Harrods really, only without the smocked  terrorist
>sales ladies, armed with perfume bottles, oh and the  zoo. 
--- Reminds me of "The Swimming Pool Library" -- title of novel by Alan  
Hollinghurst. As the main character's father asks, "I wonder what books you 
in that library".
"Harrods" in Buenos Aires once had a popular lending library --. Wonder  what 
floor Harrods-in-London's library is?
Has anyone seen "Calendar Girls", with Helen Mirren and Julie Walters.  Great 
film. Set in Knapely /kneipli/, Yorkshire. It features a nice kind of  
provincial Yorkshire library on wheels -- which would park in the moors for a  
or so I suppose. 

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