[lit-ideas] The Northerner: booking a train, the sequel

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Welcome to the Northerner, Guardian Unlimited's weekly
digest of the best of the northern press.
David Ward
03 June 2004


I rampaged a few weeks ago about the frustrations of booking
tickets on Virgin from Macclesfield to London. Two sequels
to that.

One: tried to book a ticket for one of the last Sundays in
May; was told there were no trains from Macclesfield that
day; so asked for a ticket from Wilmslow; told they thought
there might be trains but no one quite knew for certain; and
if they did run, no one knew when they would leave, which
way they would go and when they would arrive (if at all).

Two: a Virgin booker messaged to say that she became so fed
up with hanging on to the company's wretched phone line that
she shouted "Oh [word omitted] it" - and someone answered.
Do try this at home if you don't mind using an obscenity to
satisfy your travel needs.

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