[lit-ideas] Re: Remember mustard seed bracelets?

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Yes!  I had completely forgotten.  I had a small "pendant" with  the mustard 
seed which I alternatively used as necklace or bracelet.  I had  the notion it 
was a local thing .....I wonder whatever became of it.  It  was given to me 
in the context (I don't remember by whom, I was not very old) of  a Protestant 
Church upbringing and the "if you have the faith of a mustard seed  you can 
move mountains" was connected to it.
Julie Krueger

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Does anyone here remember the fifties and sixties  mustard seed pins, 
bracelets and necklaces?
I had one once.  Never  being particularly religious, I'm not sure just 
what I made of it at the  time. 
Perhaps sucked in by the romanticism of it...
Ursula    still watching the snow pile  up...

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