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It was given by   
Christian C. Carman of CONICET, Universidad National de Quilmes.    
Wikipedia tells me that Quilmes has two soccer teams, one founded by   
the Scots, and one, not.  Also a brewery.  I see why the  British  
would want to invade there.


Quilmes is indeed the name of the native tribe there, I am told.
The place is very nice, features its very own Quilmes Yacht Club complete  
with Pier.
And is the seat of not just the Quilmes High School -- it has to be pretty  
'high' to be _called_ 'high' in Argentina __and__ the St. George's -- which is  
my favourite boarding school in Argentina.
The whole area is referred to as the "Southern Suburbs", since the Brits  
implanted the
Railway (Southern Railway) that connected Buenos Aires to La Plata --  
Quilmes being exactly mid-way.
Oddly, while a further station along that line is the "Hudson" stop --  
Hudson himself was born closer to Quilmes (Florencio Varela, really) than where 
the stop is. 
Quilmes also features a nice Anglican Church -- "All Saints" where _I_  
became "Anglican", as it were.
J. L. Speranza
   Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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