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  • From: John McCreery <john.mccreery@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 08:17:39 +0900

Just reading about it I want to scream. Get well, soon.


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On 2011/04/11, at 8:03, Mike Geary <jejunejesuit.geary2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  It's amazing the lengths some people will go to just to get their hands on 
> some pain killers.  OK, dude, you've gotta 'em, now take 'em.  Drift away out 
> into the smiling weightless universe.
> Hurry and get back to your crochety old self.
> Best
> Mike
> On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 3:14 PM, Ursula Stange <Ursula@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Oh dear, Eric.  That's the most pain-inducing description of pain I've read 
> in a long time.  
> Hope you never feel that again.
> Hope I never feel that....
> Keep well,
> Ursula
> On 10/04/2011 12:38 PM, Eric Yost wrote:
>> Just had one of those complicated retinal surgeries where they pull your
>> eye out, fiddle with the insides, place a band around the eye, put it
>> back in the socket, sew it up, and weld the whole schmear together with
>> lasers. Came out of anesthesia during the operation, struggled for my
>> life against the intubation, was knocked out again, and had a half day
>> of the worst pain of my life until suitable painkillers were ingested.
>> After four days I'm looking better ... more like the guy who's been
>> kicked by a mule than like the dying gladiator being dragged from the
>> arena.
>> They should have scheduled the procedure for April 1. Wasn't prepared
>> for the pain fest. They said I'd be "sore." No idea that my trigeminal
>> nerve would blaze like titan Krakatoas and the damage of surgery would
>> propel me into six hours of 10-on-a-10-scale agony beyond description.
>> Maybe they were being sarcastic?
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