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Judy wrote:
Andy doesn't know what Man United is so he doesn't know about David
Beckham -- now playing for Real Madrid.  (Talking of skirts and make-up and
hair and "gayness.)

Andy wrote:
A.A.  Ooo, don't *say* that to me.  Man United.  My wrist just went too limp to 
type.  While another part of me, shall we say, sprang to attention?  Ooo, and 
that Kevin Beckham.  Does he have sweaty legs under short pants?  Ooo, Judith, 
you can drive a Man Alone wild.  Rrrr.  

Andy writes:  
If  I say so myself, this is pretty good gay speak.  I just wonder if it's not 
vintage gay speak.  Way back (35 or so years ago) I used to work with a gay man 
who routinely spoke this way.   

Andy wrote in post immediately following to Judy:
Judy, I love ya baby.   Thanks for being a good sport.   Rrrr.

Andy writes this morning:
In re-reading it I see that it sounds a bit condescending, chauvinistic even.  
I absolutely did not intend it to sound that way, unless it was an unconscious 
shot at her telling me to be a good boy last week (in which case we're even, 
although it was not intended that way).  Consciously I was conveying that I was 
being a good sport and I hoped she was too.  Unfortunately, I was conveying it 
in the middle of a thunder storm.  The lights were browning so I typed it up, 
sent it, logged off, and, sure enough, the power went out for most of the 
night.  In the light of day, over the breakfast table, I want to say that I'm 
sorry, I don't love you Judy.  Yes, you're good, but you're not my type.  And 
you call this breakfast? What do you mean I cooked it?  And those curlers.  
They're not curlers? ...

(Concluding that I do better gay speak than fighting speak.)


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