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This is not a literary post.  It is also free of theory.  Ahem...

On her birthday today, I gave our daughter Julia a Scottish bestiary, which
contains the following two sentences:

At one time it was the custom for large herds of goats to be driven from the
lowlands of Scotland northwards, the drover selling his animals as he went.
If business was brisk he might sell all his animals by the time he had
reached mid-Scotland; if not, he might well end up in Caithness.

Police Inspector: Tell me, 'ow did you come to be wandering the streets of
Caithness in the company of wild sheep?

Drover: They're goats.

Police Inspector: Well they look like sheep to me.

Drover: I got a llama, going cheap.

Police Inspector: Llamas don't go "cheep."  They go...Inspector Eric...what
do llamas say?

In our family, llamas are associated with the Monty Python song about llamas
and Granada, the lyrics to which can probably be found on the web somewhere.
But all I found when searching, was The Daily Llama--a Monty Python
website--which sells all kinds of Python things: a somewhat genuine holy
grail, an action hero vomiting man, a cow catapault...all in time for
Christmas and so on.


But since Erin now has time on her hands, I'm sure she'll want genuine and
fresh llama weirdness.  So she should go here...


David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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