[lit-ideas] Re: Literature? Beats me. Funny as hell, however.

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And yet, John McC himself has invited further mongering by offering us the claim
that literature is whatever people agree it is (I paraphrase). I wonder, though,
whether the truth of the statement that literature is whatever .... is itself a
matter of agreement, such that should one find no agreement on its truth, then
the statement is neither true nor false. And, if there is agreement that the
statement is neither true nor false, then it is indeed neither true nor false.
But if so, then how are we to interpret John McC's transcendental claim that
literature is whatever people say it is? Doesn't one end up sawing off the
branch one sits on while sawing? 

I realize this is my 4th post of the day -- my excuse is a short self-imposed
holiday - so this post may never see the darkness of the night. 

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Quoting John McCreery <john.mccreery@xxxxxxxxx>:

> When my mind freezes at the the thought of another round of
> hyperintellectualistic definition mongering, I turn for relief to Lore
> Sjöberg, who writes the Alt Text column for Wired. com. His latest
> rumination is titled "Secrets of the 7 Basic Blog Posts" and left me in that
> state that texters describe as LOL.
> John
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> John McCreery
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