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If the GOP has a large election defeat, this may infuriate the extreme Right into action. On a mission from God, but betrayed by enemies, both foreign and domestic. I wonder what they will do?

It's the weekend before the election. Zero strategy from the GOP. Complete disarray. How much will they lose?

Ted Haggard is admitting only precisely that which can be confirmed: he admits he bought the crystal meth and he paid for the massage. But he says he didn't snort and he didn't swallow :-)


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The word is out, the word is clear, the leading Neo Cons are wailing "Neo
Culpa" (a fancy way of saying, our big idea was right but the Bush
administration was utterly dysfunctional). No, duh.

See Daniel Rose devastating piece in Vanity Fair.


John McCreery
The Word Works, Ltd., Yokohama, JAPAN


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