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This link is fantastic.  Now could you come up with a politician who has some 
back bone and is willing to be defeated?  Because that's what would happen.  
It's not for nothing that the war on teachers and the war on schools and women 
goes hand in hand.  

Our captains of industry don't care about our people.  Jeffrey Sachs does.  So, 
how many people's votes do you think he could get?  Consider the field of 
candidates for president.  Pres. Obama's short term fixes that Sachs says are  
wrong is trying to get a whole lot less.  And he can't even get that.  Which is 
why this civilization, as many in the West, are on the way down.  

Thanks for posting.  I enjoyed listening.  I have been following Sachs for a 
long time but I missed this.

Veronica Caley

Milford, MI
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  Here's an interview with Jeffrey Sachs, economist, on Charlie Rose.  Worth 
listening to.   It opens with Sachs' quote from Oliver Wendel Holmes, "Paying 
taxes is the price of civilization."  



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