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I wonder if Speranza  remembers when he first signed onto the old Phil-Lit, I 
sent him a off-list  post with the salutation: "Say hey, Jorge!"   

I possibly missed the rhyme. To have 'Jorge' rhyme with 'hey' you need to  
pronounce 'Jorge' so that it rhymes with 'hey'
     sei hei hor' hei
but there are distinct features with that:
'hor    sounds like "whore"
'hor HEI'  seems to have the stress on the wrong syllable. As when in  Paree 
they call Geary, Gearee, djiRI:
The blame is my mother. 
She thought "J. L." was fitting for an intellectual as I was in her  womb.
At least on the good side, Borges must be the only "Jor-HEY" who is both O.  
B. E. and K. B. E.
How can I be liked to be called "Jorge" when I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER  NEVER 
heard my mother use that term in referring to me!? (She never calls me  
"Jorge-Luis" either -- oddly she calls me 'Sun', or 'Son' -- I don't know how  
spells it). 
J. L. Speranza, Esq. 
   Buenos Aires, Argentina
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