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It's Prime Ministers, planning funerals before folk are cold:


And more on Scotland's knife problem:


Frankly I don't know what to make of this. Without comparative numbers, the story is emotionally compelling but a poor guide for policy. When my wife was a resident in an L.A. County hospital both Friday and Saturday nights were called "The Knife and Gun Club." Whether banning knives will make any difference to this kind of thing remains to be seen. You'll note that the Scotsman wants to say, "It's not just the poor folk who are doing this. A boy was even knifed in St. Andrews." People were writing exactly the same story when I was a kid. "It's not just in the rough areas. Someone was even knifed in..."

When I was a freelance journalist, I once did a story on a professor of criminology. His view was that crime statistics don't change very much and that measures to "stop" or "reduce" crime have very little effect beyond making political capital and making victims and potential victims feel safer. Does anyone know of good, up-to-date reading on this subject?

David Ritchie
(whose brother just parked in the wrong London parking lot and lost three suitcases to thieves)
Portland, Oregon

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