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What a way to begin a book!
Indeed, as per my previous link, we should be reminded that his other work  
‘Landmarks of the History of England,’ London,  1855,  8vo.
‘Landmarks of the History of Greece,’ London, 1857,   8vo.
‘History of France,’ Edinburgh, 1859, 8vo; 2nd ed. 1860.
‘History  of  England,’ London, 1860, 8vo.

--- but no history of Scotland!
or Rome!
It may do to review some of his contemporary criticism, as per Rev. Sidney  
("I never read a book before reviewing it -- it prejudices a man so"), both 
in  'general' literary sources and more 'professional' 'historical' ones. 
And  perhaps we SHOULD mind if his history of France was ever reviewed _in 
France_!  (or attempted a translation). 
It is no wonder he focused on France rather than, say, Rome, seeing the  
stronger link of France with Scotland, than with Italy, no?
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