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"Heraldry for the masses"... "'strawdinry idea.  What will they  want next? 


"It may come as a surprise to  No-body," he said, "that..."

To quote from Reuters:

"Around 56  percent of the British public will watch the wedding. Just 
under a quarter said  they would definitely NOT watch. Those most interested 
1. women (65%), 
2. people aged 65+ (65%), 
3. Conservatives (64&), and 
----> 4. people on lower incomes (59.05%).
Fox-Davies, "The idea of "Heraldry for the Masses," he writes in the  
'Acknowledgment' note to the fourth impression as the much awaited fifth 
"is to bring interesting stuff to people who may be interested, as they 
should,  by this interesting stuff."
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