[lit-ideas] Re: Google Job Interview Questions

  • From: "Paul Stone" <pastone@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 12:31:31 -0400

On 9/16/07, Andreas Ramos <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> People who are so creative that they create their own jobs won't work for
> Google or anyone else. If they're really good, they won't be employees.

While some of these questions are just plain stupid -- how many golfballs
does it take to fill a schoolbus -- and others require a bit of ingenuity --
explain a database to an eight-year old in three sentences -- quite a few of
them have exact answers and can be figured out in real terms -- clock hands,
probabilities etc. Quite a few are 'trick' questions (pirates, pool balls)
because they are as easy as a simple magic trick IF you see the key. But,
all in all I think these examples of questions for a prospective employee
are insulting and I tend to agree with Andreas that anyone who COULD come up
with 'acceptable' answers to them, wouldn't be in the pool to begin with.

For all questions, an easy answer would be "I would look it up on GOOGLE"
and one would be right in most cases and a successful kiss-ass in all.


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