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---- E. Yost writes of God as a 'literary  character' in the book, "The

Don't know. I try to read the Bible  while omitting most of the references
to God. Which I find otiose. In terms of  dramatic impact he _is_.

Consider Salome by Strauss, or Judith/Oloferne  or Samson e Dalila. All
excellent operas. What does God bring to the  proceedings? Nothing!

In the old days, (Camerata Fiorentina), God did  play a role in opera (deus
ex machina). But soon, after Monteverdi, it was found  otiose. What
audiences wanted was _human_ drama.

Ditto for Euripides.  It's true, they say, the good ones like Aeschylus --
and say it all goes to the  dogs with Sofocle and Euripide. But God is not
really operative in Aeschylus  even. It's Oreste who kills her mother.

ATHENA:  You are a matricide. You killed your  mother.
ORESTE:   (silenced)
JURY:        That's not true. Or it's only part of the story.
He recovered the honour of his father. And for that he  is
to be saved and pardoned.

And a good thing it was too. Note that in  Sartre, the flies follow Oreste
like shit. That's wrong,  no?



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