[lit-ideas] Re: Geary's Handwriting: Female -- and 'Girlie'?

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Apparently, there's serious anaysis of handwriting -- as it applies to  sex.  

There is lots to the analysis of handwriting.  
If anyone wants to come to Missouri <g> my library system offers this  
upcoming program:
Title: Handwriting Analysis: Discover Yourself
Friday, December 10th at 2 pm
Is it your brain or your hand that controls your writing? With a Masters in  
Graphology from the European School, Ms. Mason's opinion is that it is the 
brain  that controls the pen. In this one night class you will learn a little 
about the  amazing skill of handwriting analysis.
(For adults) Registration is  requested. 
Or, you can send her approximately $30 with two sentences written out and  
your name signed and she'll send you a tape of about one hour long with an  
analysis.  (We tested her before using her--about four of us--and she was  
absolutely correct in her analysis each time.  Since her theory is that the  
controls your handwriting, you can change yourself by changing your  
handwriting--another subconsious change by making a conscious one.  So, I  now 
changed how I cross my 't's and do a couple of other things  differently. I 
it couldn't hurt <g>...)
Come!  Come to the library and we'll get you and your handwriting  analyzed!!
Welcoming you to Western Missouri,

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