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"The two men [Dworkin and Hart] first met when Professor Hart was by  
happenstance assigned to evaluate Mr. Dworkin’s final examination at Oxford. 
American student excited and scared Professor Hart, his biographer, Nicola  
Lacey, wrote in 2004, referring to Professor Hart by his first name. “
Herbert  went on to express considerable anxiety about this student’s views for 
the  arguments of ‘The Concept of Law,’ ” she wrote. Professor Dworkin’s 
later work,  she added, amounted to “a devastating critical onslaught” on 
Professor Hart’s  “overschematic account of adjudication.” Years later, when 
Professor Dworkin  succeeded Professor Hart in the Oxford chair of 
jurisprudence, the older man  gave an after-dinner speech quoting from the 
paper, which he had  saved."
Interestingly, Dworkin apparently never 'read' (as the Brits call it) philo 
 but law at Oxford (*). Similarly, Hart was by some philosophers like Grice 
_NOT  CONSIDERED_ a philosopher when he became prof of jurisprudence!?
(* From link above: "After graduating from Harvard, he attended Oxford as a 
 Rhodes scholar and obtained law degrees from both  places.")

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