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How do you know the answer is 81 if you don't know how to get it?
I never had a head for math -- my last math course was in 7th grade algebra  
and it was the only "C" I got in my life.  I suspect the hospital of  
switching babies on me -- my 14 yr old 9th grader is taking pre-calc, getting  
straight "A"s, and understands how to use one of those bizarre $150 IT  
I told her from the get-go, "If you have trouble with your  Math homework 
don't even ask me.".
I wonder what it would like to have the math gene......
Julie Krueger
heavily reliant on standard calculators that add, subtract, multiply,  
divide, and figure percentages (and the last one's kinda tricky).  And no,  I'm 
retarded.  At least not officially.

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OK, who can explain to me how to solve  this:

If     x^2+2xy+y^2 = 9       then   (x+y)^4 = ? 

I know the answer is "81", I just don't  know how to get it.  It's starting 
frustrate me.  I haven't  done this stuff in almost ten years, and I can't 
the life of me remember  how to go about it (although I seem to be getting 
hang of some of the  other ones...?)


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