[lit-ideas] Disimplicature of "No Relation"

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"Murray is the  first British man to win the Olympic singles gold medal 
since Josiah Ritchie in  1908." 
David Ritchie,
(no relation)  

We know that Grice coined the implicature (well, 'implicatura', as any  
reader of the Short/Lewis Latin dictionary can testify) had been used by  
Sidonius, to mean 'entanglement'.
Grice also coined 'disimplicature'.
When you mean more than you say, you IMPLICATE.
When you mean LESS than you say, you DISIMPLICATE.
The implicature of 'no relation' is: "I cannot call x my father, mother,  
distant aunt, etc.".
The disimplicature of 'no relation': "but someone may and in any case, we  
are all related qua homo sapiens sapiens" --
and so on.

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