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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:27:13 EDT

R. Paul confesses, with sadness,
>I thought I made 'dentify' up. 
>I hope JL will sent my post as a
>citation to the folks in  charge of the OED.

Mmm. That would be easy enough. Mailto:oed3@xxxxxxxxxx Minor problem is,  you 
may realise, that R. Paul does not provide a _use_ -- just a definition.  
Until the word is being _used_ (properly, in conjugated form) it does not seem  
to count for lexicological matters to the OED3 folks. 
(R. Paul had written,

>To dentify is to add teeth, or to  enhance 
      >already existing  teeth.)
It can be claimed that Geary's original post provides such  conjugation:


"The opinion is generated under the  new      
     campaign-finance  law, which prohibits 
     ads that  dentify a federal candidate 
     before a primary or general  election."
-- after Littre.

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